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Developing a Powerful Mindset / Week one

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

  1. Resilience - The ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges.

I wake up and wonder what challenge will be set up for me today?

This one shift in my mindset has set me up for success more times than I can count.

I used to wake up and think about what crap was going to hit me in the head today? What would be that one thing that would ruin my whole day? What person would piss me off and make me not want to be around anyone today?

In 2008 just like so many families we lost everything. House, land, job, stuff, and I'm sure I can speak for my wife when I say our sanity. I couldn't believe that everyday could or would be worse than the day before, and everyday some crap would happen, and it got worse.

It got to a point that I would work at the "Work today get Paid Today" shops. I would work 8 to 10 hours and be handed a check for $37 after taxes. It was barely enough to feed the kids for the night and have gas to get back to work the next day.

I woke up every day wondering what I could do to change our situation and how fast I could make the change?

After my mom passed away that year I had more than a few days that I thought about ending it all. I just knew my kids and wife would be better off without me. All I was doing was screwing up their lives and felt like they had no use for me. The end of my life would give them a shot at a new life. A life that would definitely be better than what I could give them.

I wanted to just stay in bed and never take the covers off my head, but I couldn't do that because I had to make sure they could eat that night. I would drive to work crying, angry, and felt so worthless.

That became my mission "make sure kids ate food every day."

As much support as my wife and kids gave me, I just couldn't move forward and start to achieve anything.

I wish I could tell you that I shifted my mindset, and everything started getting better. BUT I CAN"T. I wish I could say that everyday got a little brighter and all ended great. BUT I CAN'T. I can tell you that while you're going through the shit that life throws at you there is no bright light, no positive mindset, and definitely no feelings of relief.

Notice the definition of resilience. It is to bounce BACK not THROUGH.

You have to go through the shit and make it through the swamp to learn the lessons you need to make it through the next shitty situation. Because there will be one or two or a hundred more.

I can now look back at 2008 and be grateful I went through it. I can look back at so many lessons learned, and a mindset earned. I can look back and embrace how much power, strength, and endurance it took.

The choice is mine. I can look back and hold on to the things that made that year so bad, (to the thoughts of suicide). OR I can look at how powerful I was to make it through it.

The mission of feeding my kids daily helped me make it to the other side. The support that I didn't want to accept or even realize was being given, helped me get through it. Sometimes it's not the thought of future success that will get you through, it's the thought of never going back that will get you through.

As you learn and accept resilience in your life you will notice that the stuff you go through doesn't usually last as long because your powerful mindset allows you to bounce back so much faster.

Next week we will cover "A Positive Attitude."

If you're enjoying the blogs and know someone who could use a more Powerful Mindset, please share. Thank you all for the support.

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