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Developing a Powerful Mindset / week four

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Fear - an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.

We are only born with two fears. The fear of falling and the fear loud noises. Every other fear in your life is one that you have is either been taught or developed.

While i could go in to all the different types of fears i would like to concentrate on the fear of money and success.

Money and success are things we are taught throughout our lives. Depending on how you were raised around them will most likely determine how you view them.

I was raised in a household that viewed money as something we really never had. In other words, we never talked about money other than the discussion of not having any. Arguments and tempers would flare just at the mention of anything having to do with something that would cost any amount of money.

Growing up in this environment i was mentally taught that money was a bad thing. I was taught that it was unattainable and caused a lot of stress. Not that my parents or family meant to teach these lessons it is still something that unintentionally gets taught in so many homes still today.

Another way money is taught to so many kids is that people that have a lot of money or fancy stuff such as new cars, boats, nice big houses, go on vacations a lot, etc. These are stuck up snobs, assholes, and not nice people. So as kids we start seeing people that have money as bad and negative, so we never want to live that life of wealth because we don't want to be those people.

We are taught that there is a limited amount of money in the world because of where we live or because that's just what we are worth. We are taught our worth as children and then don't understand in our adult life why we never feel worthy enough of more money or success.

Let me debunk the fear you have of money and success in one sentence.

Money doesn't care about you.

It's up to you to care about money and success. It's up to you to change the way you were taught. It's up to you to go after as much money and success as you possibly can, then go after more.

All the lessons and beliefs you were taught are lies. You may not even know you have a negative relationship with money. I didn't know until i sat down and took a deep look at how i treat money, both when i have it and when i don't.

The next time you get paid, win on a lottery ticket, or find money on the sidewalk, pay attention to what you do with it. How long do you keep it? What do you spend it on? How does it physically make you feel? How does it mentally make you feel?

Then ask yourself what you could have done differently with it?

When you start treating money as your friend, money will start being more friendly towards you. If you read this and still believe there's nothing wrong with your relationship with money but you simply don't have enough of it, get real honest and ask yourself what you could do to change that scenario. And stop telling yourself there's nothing you can do, Because there is.

Money and Success are waiting for you, time to go grab it.


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