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Is your mind training you?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Over 90% of everything we do is controlled by our unconscious mind. Twenty-four hours a day our unconscious mind is running our world. While you're sleeping your brain is making sure your breathing, blood is moving, organs are working, and so much more to make sure you wake up the next day. While you're awake the brain is put into overdrive with the active movement of the body, including vision, hearing, and smell.

Imagine for a moment that you had to consciously think of everything that made you move. Just walking would be overwhelming. (Lift left foot, move it forward 9 inches, put foot down, lift right foot, move it forward 9 inches, put foot down, and doing this continuously throughout the day)

While we need our unconscious mind to help us live, we also need to understand that we can control our unconscious mind. When you know you should be doing something different to achieve success in life and you hear that itty bitty shitty voice in your head saying, "stay in bed it's comfortable, working out is hard, I can't catch a break, the world is against me." Thats part of the unconscious mind.

It's time to tell that voice who the real boss is. YOU.

Time to take control of what you really want out of your life. That voice in your head is loud but you can be louder.

This is not an easy process. Throughout our life we develop habits that keep us comfortable and stagnant. When we decide to go after our greatness and achieve success in any aspect of our life those old habits kick in and team up with that shitty voice. It turns into a two on one death match and unfortunately, they win almost every time.

I did say almost every time. Think about the times when you did overcome that voice and achieve whatever it was you set out to do.

You won the wrestling match.

In those times I bet the goal, mission, or achievement was so big that no excuse or objection would stop you.

What would your life look like if you could win every match against your unconscious mind? What physical and mental abilities could you developed? What if you got the life you wanted?

I can tell you this "the more you control the unconscious mind the more the What If's disappear."

The BIG question is HOW. How do i control my unconscious mind?

START talking back. Tell it to shut up, scream at it, let it know you're not putting up with it anymore. I do mean this literally, talk to yourself and take control. Talk to yourself as you start moving in the direction you want to go.

You have to start moving as you start talking. Talking with no movement will get you nowhere but where you already are. Thats not the way to take control.

You have 2 voices within you. The one that controls you and the one that you control.

The choice is always yours. One leads to greatness, and one gets you right where you're at.


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