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Journey of an Ironman

John was an ordinary man leading an ordinary life until an unexpected diagnosis changed everything. At 40, he was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease that left him weak and debilitated.

The doctor's prognosis was grim, predicting a life of limited physical activity. Rather than succumb to despair, John decided to rewrite his story.

He began with small steps, walking short distances daily and gradually incorporating light exercises. With unwavering determination, he rekindled his love for swimming, cycling, and running.

Despite numerous setbacks and flare-ups of his illness, John set a lofty goal: to complete an Ironman triathlon—a grueling race consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile marathon. The journey was arduous, demanding relentless training and a meticulously managed health regimen.

Through sheer grit and resilience, John defied the odds. He completed his first Ironman, tears of triumph streaming down his face as he crossed the finish line. His story of physical transformation is a testament to the incredible power of the human spirit, proving that with determination and unwavering resolve, even the most challenging circumstances can be overcome.

Based on a true story.

John's story is one of the diagnoses becoming story. Not in the awe that sucks kind of way but more in the holy crap this guy is amazing kind of way.

When i tell people about my mother spending her life in a wheelchair the first response is almost always "awe that sucks." But for her it didn't. She allowed herself to live an amazing life full of blessings and love. NOT a life of awe it sucks to be me.

Life will always be full of curve balls we never seen coming but we get to decide if it's a homerun life or a strike out life full of sorrows and regrets.

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