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Mining for Gold.

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

A man quit his job and moved to California to dig for gold. He was finally going to follow his dream. After a few months of digging and not finding any gold the man became very frustrated, mad, and sad.

He decided to ask his family and friends what he should do? To his surprise they all told him to come home and give up on this crazy dream. It surprised him because just a few months ago everyone was so supportive and positive about him following his dreams. He couldn't believe they gave up on him so fast.

The next day he went to town and found a gentleman to sell his mine and mining equipment to. On the way home he thought of his dream and how it wasn't meant for him. Maybe he was better off just living a normal life and listening to what everyone else said he should do.

Back in California the gentleman who had bought the mine and mining equipment got to work digging for gold. Within one week he hit the jackpot. Enough gold that his great grandchildren would never want for money.

Here are 5 lessons from this story.

  1. It's ok to dream, no matter who believes in you. The only belief you need is in yourself.

  2. To go after your dreams, you and your surroundings have to change.

  3. Going after your dreams isn't enough, you have to stay consistent and know that it takes time (more time than what you even think it will.)

  4. It's not enough to make your dream a goal. Goals have a tendency to become wishes and hopes. Make it your mission to succeed no matter what. A mission that cannot and will not be denied.

  5. You have two choices in life. Help someone else live their dream or live your own dream. Either way life is going to throw you curve balls and strike outs. It's up to you to stay in the batter's box and hit that home run that wins the game.

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