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Never Ending Mission

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

What exactly is a mission? Is a mission and goal the same thing? Is having a purpose the same as having a mission?

Mission- A specific task or job that an individual or group is given to do and achieve.

Now let's look at what I consider the differences are in a mission and a goal.

In today's world I feel like the word goal is thrown around as something that makes people sound like they're going to do something great. The problem is that most of the time there is room for failure and excuses.

My goal is to lose weight.

I don't have the time.

It's harder than I thought.

I have kids. (If you use your kids as an excuse, just know you're a piece of crap.) My opinion.

I can't afford the diet.

I don't want people looking at me at the gym.

I HOPE and WISH I lose weight. It's only a goal so if I don't achieve it, it's ok I can just keep starting over until I might get what I want.

My mission is to lose weight.

Start a diet.

Make time, no excuses.

Take kids on a healthy journey with you.

Start walking, running, working out, do something active.

I HAVE to lose weight. It's my mission and nothing will stop me. End of story.

Is having a purpose the same as having a mission?


The way I think of it goes like this.

A mission is the journey. The purpose is the why.

Let's use the weight loss scenario again.

Mission - I have to lose 25lbs.

Purpose - So I can fit in my new clothes before the wedding.

Mission - I have to follow this diet.

Purpose - I am a diabetic and I don't want to die.

Mission - I have to be the best version of myself.

Purpose - So when I tell my kids or grandkids, they can be anything they want, they actually have someone to look at who achieved everything they wanted.

I don't want anyone to think I'm against having goals. I'm simply saying that if you're going to set goals then treat them like missions.

Missions change lives, save lives, and have to be achieved. No EXCUSES.

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