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Never Judge a book by its cover

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

An old farmer was at the end of his driveway nailing a sign up on a post that said,

"4 puppies for sale". As he nailed the last nail, he felt a tug at his pants.

When he turned around there was a little boy standing there. The little boy looked up at the old farmer and said, "I would like to buy one of those puppies."

The farmer told the little boy "That these were a rare breed and very expensive." The little boy told the old farmer that all he had was thirty-five cents and wanted to know if that would be enough to at least look at the puppies.

The old farmer told the little boy to keep his money, but he could still look at the puppies.

When they got over to the pin with the doghouse, four little puppies came running out. They were barking, jumping, and full of energy. Then the little boy saw a fifth puppy come from the doghouse. This puppy couldn't run because it was born with a bad leg. Even with its bad leg the puppy barked and seemed to have a bunch of energy also.

The little boy looked at the old farmer and said, "how much is that puppy that's the one I would like to buy?" The farmer told the little boy "That puppy was lame and wouldn't be able to run and play with him."

The little boy lifted up his pant leg showing the farmer his prosthetic leg and said, "I don't think I'll be doing a lot of running so we should be a perfect match."

The old farmer reached down with tears in his eyes and grabbed the puppy then handed him to the little boy and said, "here yah go this one is free."

The little boy grabbed the puppy with so much delight then grabbed the thirty-five cents from his pocket and handed it to the farmer and said, "this puppy is worth all the money I have in the world."

Unfortunately, what we see and think we know is how we judge our world and that's why we feel so much negativity around us. We take the actions of people and make assumptions based on absolutely nothing. We find faults in others fortunes just so we may feel better about our own lives.

Understand that the fortune lies in you and how you judge yourself. A life of gratitude can overcome any judgement or negativity.

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