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Set a Gratitude time

What time do you do your gratitude journal?

Do you feel more stressed when you first start your day or at the end of the day?

Perhaps your stress signals are that you feel overwhelmed, like you can't focus on any one thing, or that you just don't have the gumption to start.

These types of feelings can make it difficult to get your day started or to fall asleep. If you've noticed this happens more in the morning or in the evening, then this may tell you which time of day you need it most.

I would suggest spending five or ten minutes to focus on what you want to write in your gratitude journal. This will help you find clarity of what was most important in your day. This also helps focus your thoughts by separating them one by one.

Gratitude journaling is a daily practice that will help relieve the stressors of the day OR start the day off with a positive attitude and mindset.

While the time-of-day matters to journal, it is actually more about developing the habit of journaling. Take ten to twenty minutes a day and make no excuses not to journal.

As you brush your teeth think about what you want to write. When you are driving to work or to home turn off the radio and think about what you want to write. Take a walk in nature and think about what you want to write.

Make it a habit, make it a habit, make it a habit. No excuses


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Katie Page
Katie Page
Aug 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Good perspective and suggestion for picking a stressful time to write about gratitude. I haven't been journaling my gratitude, but do bullet points on a monthly calendar. For me, it's a quick and simple way to reframe my thinking as well as a tool to help me look back at all of the things that happened throughout the month.


Craig Postol
Craig Postol
Aug 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love this tip. Simple but habit is important and this is one that can really make a difference!!

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