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Why Me?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

That little voice in our head likes to play games with our strength and tenacity.

The game is a question game that the little voice won't give us the answer to without a fight.

The question in the game goes like this, "WHY ME?"




We can all admit we've had these thoughts and feelings before in our lives. This will most likely happen when something bad or negative happens in our life.

When you are feeling this way and having these thoughts it's known as "Being Self Centered, placing yourself First, and Focusing on just you". The unfortunate part is that this Why Me thought process only seems to happen in crappy moments in our life.

It's like our brain loves to focus on the negativity in our life. IT DOES. Negativity hits different, touches our brain receptors different, even gives us a feeling of power.

Think about someone you know that is always the My life sucks person in your group. (We all have that person) They start out complaining slightly, and as people feed into their negativity, they actually get worse.

The "I had a flat tire on the way to work story" turns into "my dog died because of the aliens that attacked me while the zombies were breaking into my house and as I was shooting my bazooka at them, I hit the tire and it went flat, story."

My advice is to love these people from a distance. (No matter who they are) They will suck the positivity out of your life so fast you won't even realize it happened.

My question to these people and to ourselves is this, "When great, amazing, awesome, things happen in our lives why are we not asking the same question?" WHY ME?

Here's the answer, "we have been trained to focus on the negativity in our lives".

Take the flat tire story as an example.

What we focus on: The tire being flat, the cost of the tire, the effort it will take to change the tire, the wasted time to change the tire. Negative, negative, negative.

What we should focus on: No one got hurt, the knowledge you have to change a tire, (If you don't know how to change your tire learn) the ability and technology to call for help, the fact that you even have a vehicle to get you where you need to go, positive, positive, positive.

Life will always give you exactly what you focus on and are grateful for. Yes, I said grateful for. Yes, you can train your brain to be grateful for the negative crap in your life also.

You have a choice, Keep focusing on the WHY ME of negativity in your life or start training yourself to ask WHY ME around the positive things in your life.

When you start asking WHY ME around the positive and good things in your life you will start to see just how powerful you are.

At first this will feel uncomfortable and selfish. GOOD, be selfish and command yourself the best life imaginable. You're worth it and deserve it.

Turn WHY ME into WHY NOT ME?

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