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You're the stranger someone needs in their life.

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Everything you have or have ever had was given to you by someone that was once a stranger in your life. So, the less number of strangers you have in your life the more you shall receive.

This quote changed my life, both in business and personal. This is the answer to almost any question you will ever have. If you don't have the answer i would pretty much guarantee that someone on this planet does have the answer.

This is especially true with your mindset.

I really wish I had someone to talk to! But I live where I can't talk! Or nobody wants to listen. It's always about them, never stop to ask me if I'm ok, or what I'm going through. So, I think it's time for me to go be burned and out of everyone's life. So, by morning it's been nice knowing everyone.

This is a message a friend of mine put on Facebook less than an hour ago. While i have reached out and i see that a few others have also as far as i know no one has heard back from the person that made the post. I pray that i hear back from him.

This post is the unfortunate truth that so many people are living with. They're in a room full of people and feel like they're all alone.

Let me first say to the loved ones of these people. They know you love them and they love you to, but love isn't the answer they need in these moments.

You want to hold, hug, and give them all the attention you feel like they need. That comes from the big heart you have inside and the love you want to give them on the outside. You feel like if they would just follow your advice their life will become better. You believe you have the answers and if they would just listen to you and understand, you only want what is best for them then they would be ok.

Here's the hard truth.

They feel like a burden, and because they love you so much and they don't like seeing you in pain either. They have tried reaching out and seen that their pain was causing you pain so it would just be better to keep it all bottled up on the inside, so no one gets hurt but them.

Second hard truth.

Most of the time the best advice you can give someone who is battling severe depression or suicidal thoughts, is NO ADVICE AT ALL.

Just sit there, shut up, and listen. No advice, No "here's what i think you should do", No "well if it were me i would", and definitely No, "you're making a way bigger deal out of this than you should".

I understand that what I'm saying might seem harsh or mean, but i promise you it's coming from a place of love. The same place that you feel like you have to come from. LOVE.

They need something that most of the time you can't give them.

They need a fresh set of ears to listen, a new set of eyes to see them, and a different heart that lets them know they are still loved but with no judgement and they won't feel like a burden on them.

Third hard truth.

At the beginning of this blog i said strangers have everything we want in life. These strangers also have everything we need.

Strangers have a story you have never heard but yet you need to hear. A story based on their path of escaping the darkest of places. A new mindset that only you will understand.

Strangers have had that same feeling of loneliness and rejection. The feeling that no one knows what you're going though or understands the pain you think your life is causing.

Please listen to me when i tell you "Strangers will help you save your life".

Please reach out and know that you're not alone.

Please pick up the phone and call.

Please have that conversation with someone you never knew you needed to have.

Talk to a stranger, Talk to a new friend, Talk and know that someone is ready to listen.

Please share this blog with someone you know is dealing with depression or suicidal thoughts. Share the blog with someone that you might not know what they're dealing with but you know they're going through some crazy shit right now.

If you're not sure how to approach someone that you think might need some help please message me or call one of the resources below.

Suicide Prevention Hotline = 988

Crisis Text line = text HOME to 741741

Teen line = text 839863 or call 800 852 8336

National Alliance on Mental Illness = 800 950 6264

TXT 4 HELP = 44357

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