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You're Worth it, even though.

In the tapestry of life, your thread is spun, A unique soul, radiant as the morning sun. Embrace your worth, let no doubt steal your glow, You're worth it, my friend, even though.

Even though storms may rage, and shadows fall, In the depths of your heart, find your inner call. Through the trials you face, your strength will grow, you're worth it, dear heart, this you must know.

Even though failures may visit your door, they're lessons in disguise, to help you explore. They carve your path, guide where you should go, you're worth it, my love, let your confidence flow.

Even though imperfections may cloud your view, They're the facets that make your essence true. In your uniqueness, let your beauty show, you're worth it, embrace yourself, let it glow.

Even though others may judge and condemn, don't surrender your light, don't silence your hymn. You're a masterpiece, let your spirit bestow, you're worth it, my soul, let your self-love grow.

Even though darkness may whisper despair, within you, a universe of potential is there. With every heartbeat, with every life's ebb and flow, you're worth it, believe in yourself, let it flow.

Even though you may doubt your place in the sun, know you're cherished, beloved by everyone. In your uniqueness, in your essence's afterglow, you're worth it, dear soul, let your true self show.

So, embrace your worth, in your heart's gentle hold, You're a treasure of stories, both new and old. Even though doubts may come and go, you're worth it, my dearest, let your self-love flow.

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