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Together let us discover the tools and mindset necessary to embrace a life that overflows with gratitude, respect our boundaries, and radiates happiness in life and business. 


Discover your Mental Edge. 

Sammy Farrens

"Discover your GREATness"

Keynote 1

Broken Gratitude

​1. Discovery of the Unknown people in our lives. Who are they and why be grateful for them?

2. Understanding lessons the Known people in our lives teach us. Love, hate, happiness, and sadness. Most of all boundaries that need to be set for our peace of mind. 

3. Embracing the true power within ourselves through gratitude for ourselves by placing us first in our life.

Keynote 2

Be Selfish

You're worth it

​1. Recognize the importance of self-care, self-preservation, and personal growth. 

2. Let go of guilt and discover the true joy you deserve.

3. Honor your past and celebrate the stories that you made it through to  


Mindset of Sales

1. What's the mission? The overall meaning of what, why and how to accomplish anything. No excuses.

What's the vision and how strong is it?

2. Big and Little Chunkers. How to speak to customers in the language they process information in. 

3. Mindset language. Visual, Auditory, Auditory Digital, Kinesthetic

4. Body language reading. Posture, proximity, mirroring, body orientation

5. Handling Objectives. 

6. Follow up. Are you making satisfied customers or loyal customers?

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