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Introducing - Battle Buddies

Battle buddies is a military term used amongst soldiers to let each other know "I got your six". (I got your back).

We are using this term with veterans and civilians. Battle buddies can be anyone we deem as someone who has our best interest in mind. People who will always look out for each other.

Most of the time a battle buddy will come in the form of a stranger. Their time as a battle buddy could be moments, weeks, years, or a lifetime.

All you really need to know is a true battle buddy will be there in your time of need. They will tell you the hard truths you may not want to hear, they have your best interest in mind, and they want you to succeed.

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals dedicated to embracing gratitude, mental strength, stability, focus, and growth.

We shall support each other as we redefine our life's mission and embark on a fulfilling and purpose-driven path.

Together, we'll celebrate successes, overcome obstacles, and nurture each other's journey to greatness. Welcome to a life of purpose and possibility!

This is a private group found on Facebook. Message me for more details or leave a comment below.

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